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    Born in Jersey City, NJ, Lavada Wright is a Serial Entrepreneur that pushed herself from Hustler to CEO!


    Through the years of focusing on her hair care line, Haircredible, she is ready to extend her legacy and add on MOM BOSS WORLD to her company, Legacy Beauty LLC. Mom Boss World is about pushing entrepreneurship and leadership while being classy and dope! Giving mothers a destination to learn as Lavada invites mompreneurs into her journey of growing her empire. THE NETWORK will be launching in 2021!


    Lavada is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves everything about building a brand from nothing to becoming your own success story! Legacy Beauty LLC will grow to be a beauty empire touching not only hair care but Bath, Body, and Feminine Products. Follow Lavada Wright on her journey as she shows you the hustle while running a business, raising a family, and building her Empire!

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    Are you a Momboss willing to showcase your behind scenes life on screen? Casting in 2021, Which MomBoss will make "THE NETWORK"! Please join the tribe and look forward to watching our streaming platform of mothers in all industries give their REALITY! If interested please subscribe to the site to be informed when the forms will be ready. Be the first to know!




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    It's important as an entrepreneur to make sure the overhead is not more than your profit but when your working on starting and growing your business..... you have no profit. Literally, your investing continuously and even when you do make a profit it goes right back into your business. So... the...
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