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Check out these Grants for Small Business Owners! New Years Resolution? GET FUNDING!

Bossin on a Budget Series!


Coming out this Pandemic in 2020, you either started a business or tried to grow your business through it! One thing for sure.... it was hard because balancing your business and personal life through a whole crisis was triple challenging! With this New Year, let's work on getting funding for our businesses. Yes... I applied for all of these as well so I wish us all luck in getting to this good ol bag to give our businesses a BOOST! Be sure to check the dates on when its due because if you missed the deadline... be sure to subscribe to my website and I will be sure to update you when it comes back out bosses! I also added great website for small business resources that are great to always stay on top of. Let's get into it....

If you found this information valuable, please share it to your friends and social media pages! Let's get busy in this New Year and take advantage of all the resources that we can get our hands on!!!
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