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Getting through this COVID PANDEMIC together! New Grants & Help! 2021

Hey Bosses!

Let's get through these crazy times together as we spend the top of the year applying for grants, resources, and staying informed and educated to get us THROUGH! Catch that key word... we are going to get THROUGH this. Not only working on our small businesses but resources for our everyday lives and bills! Lets talk about it!!

First and foremost... the eviction ban has been extended until the end of Jan. If you are facing an eviction or having trouble with your landlord then here is a great site to get help. Once you type in your zip code, your community resources will show up. You also get FREE LEGAL HELP with this link so take advantage of that. There are Lawyers out here volunteering to help in these Covid Times. Take Advantage of that. Good Luck from there on out!

Coronavirus Relief Options for your small business! This link sends you straight to the SBA page you need to be at! There are multiple funding options, so read through and apply to what best fits.

$300 a week extra living expenses with Unemployment! If you are self employed and you feel as though you are LIMITED in what you can do as a Boss... Apply! When you claim, there is a question that mentions SELF EMPLOYED and that is what you check off. Do not play yourself Bosses! If you are struggling and is self employed only... then Apply. Do not put yourself in a struggle that you dont need to be in.

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